Today’s Witches

W.I.T.C.H can be seen on the Disney channel or ABC Family channel.W.i.t.c.h is a cartoon show of five girls of this day and time that find out that they are witches. The witches of this show are very different from the witches of Salem. These are portrayed as nice, do gooders, who are trying to save the earth from evil. But in Salem, witches were awful horrible, bad people who tried worked for the Devil. There are a few bad witches in this show but they arent main characters.

Our views on witches had changed drastically bc for one thing most of us know they’re fictional characters made up by our imagination. But in Salem they thought they were real(except for the acusers that just wanted to acuse bc greed or revenge). Today its mainly for entertainment.  But i guess it was sort of entertaining for Salem too until you got acused and hung.


Sane people of Salem, Get the Heck outta dodge!


I guess if I could go back in time, I’d tell all the sane people of Salem to get the Heck Outta There bc u never know who would be condemned OF WITCH CRAFT FOR SILLY REASONS like if your neighbor got a headache around u they thought u witched em. If I lived there back then I definately would bc most of em were lunatics and I wouldnt wanna be the next one to Die.

My results didn’t really satisfy me cause I Died but I think its better to tell the truth if I were accused of witch craft. The Puritans all believed in telling the truth as what God wanted them to do. But they were  foolish in thinkin that little girls wouldnt lie about stuff like accusin someone of bein a witch. I’d Never be the one to condemn someone as a witch not even in that time bc I’d rather be killed then have someone killed esspecialy bc of me.

Racist Georgia

I got 9 out of 20 correct on this thing. And I’m pretty sure most of my other classmates got around the same thing or less. I think this shows that ever since we were little we were taught to catagorize certain people by there looks. Sometimes its a good thing but others times its not so good. Because if that type of race in a certain area is known to be like a drug seller or somethin then you tend to avoid them but that doesnt mean that you should avoid everyone that looks like that. And there are many people like one of my best friend that gets discriminate All The Time. Once in the girls bathroom someone called her the N word, which i beleive is very wrong. She is mix of races and i Love her skin color. Also my father and many other white Georgians dont beleive in mixed racial couples. When in all, everyone in Georgia including this county are all of different races so i dont see why we are so quick to judge, just by race. But its hard not to if your raised that way. And many of times you have to put them in a certain race and avoid them like if they’re a big “African American” guy in the ghetto, you automatically assume he has a gun. Well at least I do now because one time my Dad got stopped by a couple of “African Americans” guys near Atlanta and they jumped him.


This is my 1st time blogging. I think that I’ll like it once i get the hang of of it but right now not so much. Feels like just another class assignment but this time its online and ALL your classmates get to see what you write. How wonderful. . .